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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

To Kiss the dots you said?

Hello, Folks!

Some friends asked me about the KISS in "kiss the dots" and how is this "KISS" is related to CS.
A KISS in CS and more specially in Software development is a paradigm, a frame of mind, and moreover a discipline that you adhere to in order to solve a particular problem. By no mean it's a magic solution to every problem you face. It's an approach that enable you to shatter your problem into small ones and then as a result these would be easy to solve. Complicated solution -to already complicated problems- will ALWAYS be faulty, hard to implement and yet harder to fix. All you have to do is to dissect and then it turns out in a set of small simple ones.
As i talked about in a theoretical way some may argue why all this philosophical juggling, in fact CS are just another step in human evolution backed by all the logics that made us reach this new accomplishment. Mankind have got to struggle throughout the journey to reach his quest which is evolution. some behaviour were omnipresent those making some facts proven, those facts have grown into philosophical || natural || mathematical... laws, others into patterns to solve particular problems. And here were the KISS (Keep It Simple And Stupid) paradigm feats CS. It's more a mind behaviour then a ready-to-apply solution.
Filip Hanik from Apache has a good writing about KISS.

So would you KISS the dots? ;-)


Anonymous said...


Marwen said...

we've heard about programming langages and hwo they'd seen the daylight...after what if i should believe in something i shall do it by trusting in concept philosophy no in langages dev in themselves but in dev tools around langage core which envolves the maximum approximity to reach 'i prog whithout
corrupting the core concept aim'
in fact KISS for exple and like i see it intro myself is either a core philosophical concept neither a tool to improve basics.

Anonymous said...

well i think that if we take a look at basics namely the basics of the law of nature we'l find out that they are built upon simple facts, theories, basics.... philosophy itself.. the basics of philosophy are as simple as none can think just get away from the"complexities" that man himself has made to " complicate " his life