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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

EJB 3.1 New Features Sneak Peek

Reza Rahman has posted the 4th part of a articles series about "New Features in EJB 3.1" upcoming EJB jsr that will be part of JEE 6.0 jsr.
This part 4 is focused on the Web Beans jsr, something you could already taste with Seam Framework as Gavin King and Bob Lee are co-leading this specification.
As of this 4th part I was feeling like home since I was following Seam since 1.1 days even thought I didn't got time to deeply dig into Bob's Guice.
All I've seen is pretty nice and would make JEE devs life easier. But still I have minor enhancements (I'll be emailing the EG about) I would like to see incorporated into those jsr's :
  • For POJO components DI, I'd like to see @Singleton annotation (for the singleton class) along with @Factory (for the getInstance() method) . Thought those are already present in Guice. A good usage would be ease of migration for legacy code since one would have just to decorate the existing classes to get them into a JEE 6 compliant application.
  • Out of box integration with Bean Validation jsr.
  • And yes I want the Interceptor thing into the whole JEE stack. It's a neat way to get Aspects right into JEE.

And Long Life Duke!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Arun Gupta was here

Arun Gupta "a Technology Evangelist for Web Services and Web 2.0 Apps at Sun" left a comment on my blog! Wow this man has simply very impressive credentials, his blog "Miles to go.." is one of the most read in the JEE community.
Still I can't realise that my simple work got such echo and all those positives feedbacks are just motivating to move further.
It's such a great community that I look to join! You guys rocks!
Arun, thanks for the motivating visit and for the valuables tips you gave :)
BTW, congratulations For the new born wish him health and long life :)

I've signed the SCA!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

positive feedbacks about My JMaki Widget Creator

I've got very positive feedbacks about my work on the JMaki Widget Creator NetBeans plugin on dev mailing list:

Am really excited my work got appreciated and now looking to expend more on that code base in the directions suggested in the above discussion so it could benefit the hole community and hardening my knowledge in those areas.
I'll be signing Sun Contributor Agreement and working on this bit of code to get it to achieve the required functionalities.

More to come in near future I hope...

Friday, June 6, 2008

JMaki widget creator Netbeans Plugin

In a process of learning both JMaki and Netbeans plugin development, I come out to create a simple Netbeans plugin that register a new Netbeans project type "JMaki widget" and both two project templates (an empty widget and a sample widget).

Am looking for suggestions about uses cases for this plugin, how to provide a visual editor for the widget.json file, validate this file with json validator as pointed by Carla Mott in the mailing list.

Take a look at those screenshots and give me your feedbacks:

Create a new JMaki widget project:

Open a JMaki widget project:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Archive - Men Like You - You Look All The Same To Me


To The MainStream Or my bileblog

Let it be heard, let it be clear, let it be known!

wrap up:
  • If you are a woman from that FAKING Stream
  • If you only care for your fashion, clothes, making up, ...
  • If you are looking for just a man to marry anyone, the first one, the richest one, the (put your cheeriest criteria here) one
  • If you are a man from that poor-minded Stream
  • If you only look for yourself, money slave, washed mind
  • If you don't dare saying the king put no clothes!
  • If you are an employer from that Fucking Stream
  • If you use PHP, .NET, Ruby on Reasonless
  • If you are joomla-kind shop
  • If you are MS-SHIT shop
  • If you are Oracle shop
  • If you are just another shop
  • If you unconsciously use Struts+Spring+Hibernate (just because it's the MainStream)
  • If you only care for your own revenue
  • If you don't wish to share revenue and code
  • If you don't care contribute back to opensource projects you use
  • If you are a perfect ruthless blood sucker
Cause I'll either ignore you walking my own way laughing at your poor willingness OR I'LL BE FUCKING SPITTING ON YOUR FACE AND BEATING YOUR ASS!

Kindly Signed by
A very pissed off person with all this shit around!