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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Words War among JEE community


My comment on:


My thoughts about OO is an abstractive concept being implemented in SmallTalk, C/C++, Java the concept matters.

Am not considering myself an 00 guru but I did some minor work with. What I would notice is that historically ppl never agreed upon concepts interpretation. But what really chokes me that some guru tries to get us back to the dark days and resist the changes just because they can't achieve any real interpretation of the concepts and with the hero attitude they decide Am gonna go my way! and throw us back to the days of Stringifie everything!.

While someone presenting a genius idea of throwing out of the window objects, ORMs, and all the artifacts your cherishing for the sake of “back to basics” with hashmaps let me think! Oh I have some genius Idea me too! At run time get the ddl, parse it, some templating, generate objects, let's do some AOP/DI acrobatics and introduce behavior on them, wire everything in XML and your done with your killer framework.

Back to 2003 I meet some sweetie framework called Hibernate and it was a revelation, present it to co-workers and that's what we are all using now! I feel fine I have grown without handicaps or child illness and now enjoying the bittersweet taste of JPA.. Gavin, we need more on the road to keep us walking!.. Yes he's my hero! and definitely I don't know what an Object is. Am Glad hibernate do, jsf do, EL do, Seam do, and do it right! I no longer have to care!

With my best wishes of a cold wake up far from hash-ing :)

Daoud AbdelMonem Faleh

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