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Friday, June 6, 2008

JMaki widget creator Netbeans Plugin

In a process of learning both JMaki and Netbeans plugin development, I come out to create a simple Netbeans plugin that register a new Netbeans project type "JMaki widget" and both two project templates (an empty widget and a sample widget).

Am looking for suggestions about uses cases for this plugin, how to provide a visual editor for the widget.json file, validate this file with json validator as pointed by Carla Mott in the mailing list.

Take a look at those screenshots and give me your feedbacks:

Create a new JMaki widget project:

Open a JMaki widget project:


Arun Gupta said...

This is cool!

I also blogged about it at:


Dao said...

Hi Arun,
It's a pleasure to see you posting here :) really this is motivating to go on this work, I've been following your blog for quite long time!
Thought I missed the one you pointed to! I first learn about the file! and the template directory. I'll be talking about in the jMaki dev mailing list and get the suggestion about. Thought it will be cool to provide this capability out of box with this plugin. Respect this directory layout and generate the file and a package the hole thing into a zip file so it can be directly reused jMaki palette! wow cool! you give me inspirations!
Thanks again for paying attention and pointing me to you post. I'll be glade to implement it.