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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

EJB 3.1 New Features Sneak Peek

Reza Rahman has posted the 4th part of a articles series about "New Features in EJB 3.1" upcoming EJB jsr that will be part of JEE 6.0 jsr.
This part 4 is focused on the Web Beans jsr, something you could already taste with Seam Framework as Gavin King and Bob Lee are co-leading this specification.
As of this 4th part I was feeling like home since I was following Seam since 1.1 days even thought I didn't got time to deeply dig into Bob's Guice.
All I've seen is pretty nice and would make JEE devs life easier. But still I have minor enhancements (I'll be emailing the EG about) I would like to see incorporated into those jsr's :
  • For POJO components DI, I'd like to see @Singleton annotation (for the singleton class) along with @Factory (for the getInstance() method) . Thought those are already present in Guice. A good usage would be ease of migration for legacy code since one would have just to decorate the existing classes to get them into a JEE 6 compliant application.
  • Out of box integration with Bean Validation jsr.
  • And yes I want the Interceptor thing into the whole JEE stack. It's a neat way to get Aspects right into JEE.

And Long Life Duke!


Ignescence said...

Thanks for the information. I hope that all what we suspected of EJB 3.1 will apport more ease for our applications.

Dao said...

@Ignescence: you're welcome, that's all we want! With EJB 3.0 the jsr made a good step toward a light weight model. Certainly we still want more at least this time the EG are eager to hear from the community so make your voice heard :) post your comments, email the EG about what you'd like to see in the spec and what you don't like or want in another way. I still regret the EJB timer part.. But for the minimum uses case that's ok..
BTW, I admired your blog :)

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